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Safe standing


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7 Dec 2017
I noticed a story that Shrewsbury were also now looking to implement safe standing.

I guess if it's now going to be allowed in certain circumstances it's a good idea. As we were not even allowed a small temp 4th stand it's not something we will ever see unless the slum landlord is off the scene!
Good on Shrewsbury town fc for going for it......what's quite sad is that OUFC (under KT chairmanship) were way,way ahead of any English (e)FL club on this. Joint supporters and club initiative investigating possibilities, Brookes students co-opted to assist with a study and surveying OUFC supporters as part of their degree course, FSF bringing a sample of safe standing along to an open day(Beanie,among other players photographed on the safe standing sample section). OUFC could have been at the vanguard of safe standing ( n ot owning the stadium then...and now...not insurmountable, ox vox secured the green light of the landlord for a temporary 4th stand in recent times,which ,conceivably could have been a safe standing stand).

Problem was after KT left and IL took over as OUFC chairman apparantly there was NO record of the (extensive) work that had gone into looking at safe standing at OUFC. Or that was what was claimed....hmmm, maybe the info was faxed to him? Hey bloody ho
The rails are the whole point! It’s supposed to prevent “crowd surges”. You know, like happens in the SSU every week.

What, like the ones in the London road stand? ?? I'm sure they would suffice, cost alot less, and be installed quicker. People who wish to sit can sit in front.
Watchdog had a story about safe standing yesterday. They also highlighted the fact that if Shrewsbury beat Rotherham on Sunday, these would need to be removed due to the FA not allowing them at EPL and Championship clubs!
Also, after the three years, does a standing area have to be removed or just not used?

Anyway, as these are safe standing 'seats' they won't need to be removed, but just used in the locked seating position.

Lazy journalism by watchdog?
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