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19 Dec 2017
I thought he was our best player yesterday. His ability to run with the ball is so valuable at times when we’re lacking penetration. It gives us something similar to what Sercombe used to in League 2.

I’d really like to see him given a chance at number 10. I really think we’d see him flourish. Also, I think he’d be more likely to sign a new contract if we show we’re committed to giving him a chance to play regularly in his favoured position.

We finally seem to have quite a few options in every position, so I’d like to see us playing square pegs in square holes and let the players show what they can do.
I thought he was excellent yesterday. Ran himself into the ground and just a shame he couldn’t be on the pitch to enjoy the mad celebrations. He was cramping up so subbing him was right.

Although Ledson will probably get the MOTM award, I’d give it to Rothwell. He was incredibly positive in difficult circumstances and kept our ragtag bunch of kids and senior pros moving when they could so easily have hidden.

Really enjoyed watching him prowl around the pitch moving the ball.
I'm quite happy as well with him playing right midfield as he can do the Maguire thing of drifting inside. Although he can do a job on the left, I would prefer not to see him there. Playing regularly we may be able to persuade him to sign a new contract.
Agreed, I think him having a free role in the attacking third of the pitch suits him. He's not adverse to tracking back either. There is no way he should be stuck out on the wing.
Whoever gets the permanent managers job has to make persuading Joe to put pen to paper on a new lengthy contract one of their top priorities
Thought Joe was MOTM yesterday, really classy performance from him. When on form I believe he is our best midfielder.
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