Roofe sell on?


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As Leeds are going well, the other question would be whether we receive a bonus should he help them get promoted?

Presumably both clauses have been drawn into the agreement but one is bound to be worth more than the other.


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2018-19 shirt sponsor for Jamie Hanson

Palace and Southampton also interested

Do we know if there is a sell on fee with Roofe?
With Kemar under contract 2 more years and 3 reportedly interested clubs having an auction in January...this is potentially very good news for United.

Doubtful Leeds would let him go for less than £8m in today’s world of silly money. Any reasonable percentage for us could be lucrative for us!

That’s will comes to us...?


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I thought DE was fully paid off now. Hopefully it will come to us.
Eales (Ensco) should have been repaid £995,817 on 30 April 2018 and again on 30 September 2018. The final amount of £1,284,074 is due sometime in 2019. If any more transfer fee instalments, sell on clauses, player sales comes in in total exceeding that amount before the final payment date, then the club get to transfer it from the charged bank account. (assuming the first two instalments were paid).


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I think Roofe will move to the premiership with Leeds, can’t rally see him wanting to go to Southampton or any other club looking like they could be relegated.
It would be nice to get a cut, but if Leeds go up I think we get one anyway

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