Rob Hall


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12 Dec 2017
He seems to have gone off the radar a little bit. Does anyone know how far away he is from starting training again?
Was predicted to be 6 to 9 months in announcement end of August. As you say haven't heard much so likely on higher end...maybe march/April. Obviously highly unlikely to see him this season.
Wasn't there quite a big update/interview with him not long back? Wouldn't say he's off the radar really...
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Contract up in summer. After Fleetwood game I remember Hall saying he was due contract talks that week.
Faz ( at the recent Manor Club meet)said Hall wouldn’t be back this season.
More likely to be seen “Dancing on ice”
I'm rarely a man of inside knowledge, but I don't think you should get excited about a return any time soon, if at all.
On track, according to saturdays programme. Him and Obika 'loading at same level' whatever that means ?
Personally I don't think we will see either one of them in a yellow shirt. Shame on hall who has so much quality but just can't stay fit. Obika I'm not really fussed either way.
wonder how long it takes beeks to load anything?

About this long, approximately.

Sinclair looked like Obika from the back, hope doesn't play like him
i.e like Van Kessel, first 5 mins amazing, rest of the season shite.
I feel sorry for Hall but personally can’t see him play again.
He's akin to fine bone china. Quality, but brittle. Obviously no contract with us but maybe paid per appearance elsewhere. MAPP took a gamble and it sort of paid off. I am sure we will wish him all the luck in the world for the future. Some great memories...………Often played when clearly not fit, which showed total commitment to the cause.
I could see him staying in a play per game basis to start with.
He will do well to get a contract better than that.
Faz also stated that in addition to Hall,Obika and Baptiste- Nappa would also not feature again this season
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