Local News Rob da bank went to same school as tiger?

Gutted about this. Had good fun last year.
maybe he should of robbed da bank could've paid his bills then
Neither much good at paying bills on time it seems...... common people festival cancelled due to unpaid bills ....https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/17391767.common-people-oxford-cancelled-with-unpaid-bills/

Shame. I’ve been to all 3 of them, and it was great to see an event like that in Oxford, even if the music was sometimes a bit flaky. I’ve also been to Bestival twice, including last year. Thoroughly enjoyed it. That went into admin last year too.

I remember when the Bennett brothers totally fucked up their own festival (Truck) by trying to expand too fast - loads of bands never got paid that year.
I wonder if some of the artists are trying to get themselves on the Truck line up.
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