Reasons to be cheerful

Jason N

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7 Dec 2017
Reasons to be cheerful:
- We still have Nelson post Jan
- Jonte is potentially an interesting signing
- Carruthers is almost fit and could be very useful
- There are loads of point to play for and we will have played a lot of the toughest fixtures in terms of the very best teams after this weekend
- March is the key a very winnable month
- Its still very much in our hands
Indeed, if we start the team that played Saturday we now have options on the bench to make a difference. Browne, Carruthers, Mackie and Sykes give's us attacking options that we have missed for the first half of the season.


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17 Dec 2017
We’ve made heavy weather of winning only seven league games all season!

‘Only’ needing six means nearly doubling our current set of wins.
I think your point is a little simplistic, in light of the excellent post by ttg17( I don't think it is correct to look at the season as a whole in terms of games won already. Given form since after Luton, it looks very achievable.
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