Manager/Coach Really? Why?

Beggars belief that Tigger's letting KR restructure the management almost as soon as he's (KR's) fucked up the squad recruitment.
As per usual from KR there: "We're planning a big signing/a good striker/a free agent/new staff, but nothing's confirmed yet."
Setting himself up for disappointment as always.

KR continues to muddle up the business mantra "under promise, over deliver"
Maybe they are moving Faz on!
Wishful thinking - although the emergence of Long on Tuesday indicates something has shifted in that regard - not one of Faz's favourites I understand...
Yes. Almost like giving your back up keeper a new contract, then not playing him but bringing in an emergency loan keeper!:unsure:
Who have him a new contract?
It sounded at the forum in not so many words that Stevens is not considered as good enough at the moment.
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