Current Player Raglan joins Vale on loan


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Signed a 2 year contract in the summer so could return next season after getting done much needed game time at Vale!!


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I’ve heard we’ve shown interest in a young CB at Liverpool called Lloyd-Jones

Still doesn’t make sense though..
This makes no f*****g sense what so ever? Let Williamson, mous or martin go out? Raglan is better than all of them, unless we are about to bring in another, but even then u still keep the best of the bunch surely
To be honest perhaps nobody wanted williamson Mous or Martin i certainly wouldn't. perhaps the club are reluctant to let mous go as he is the captain. (although not been playing well lately). I fully expect raglan to be back next season with some game time. I will be very disappointed though if Mous martin and Williamson are still here come end of season.
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