Pubs in Oxford


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City centre's not great for sport to be honest, I like the upstairs room at the St Aldates Tavern though.


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Wig and Pen will be the busiest
Euro bar has lots of screens as well
Cow and Creek(old westgate) has a few screens, not usually too busy, but don't go there cos I am and I don't want it to be rammed :)
Also do a nice burger/macaroni cheeseburger stacker and you can large it-Lush


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Eurobar was relatively quiet for the Belgium game when I was there.

Effectively a dead rubber which a number of people wanted England to lose however so I’m sure it’ll be heaving, like everywhere else in town, tonight.

Particularly as the council has decided they don’t want to creat a communal event on South Park or somewhere similar.

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