Procs Gone

SHIIIIT. I've said before elsewhere on this forum what a loss I think this would be. Appears hugely popular and bloody good at his job.

From the outside and my point of view, he seemed to revolutionise our sports science and work a few miracles. This was at the same time the club was on the up and social media made it more visible so no doubt more opportunities to do so would arise in this time. But it's what you do with time, money and exposure.

I did see someone tweet "he's given more magic rubs than Aladin" which is very entertaining and accurate!

Bristol City is an interesting project and I have no doubt he'll do wonders there. Good luck to him, I miss him already


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That's 20 minutes and not one of the Positive Responders Against Tepid Supporters has had a go. Is their phone broken, I wonder?


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From one Bristol lad to another, all the very best Procs and a sincere thank you for all your hard work.
When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin along, shoot the b*******.;)
Let's not overreact to this news or we'll completely meltdown if Ryan Ledson leaves.

Seriously, thank you and all the best Procs. However, I do think we have enough nous to find a good replacement.
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