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Daniel McCallum

Sunderland Fan
26 Jun 2019

I’m features editor at the Sunderland fanzine A love Supreme and its website

We are doing a feature previewing all the teams in League One next season and was wondering if you could answer the following questions please?

Thanks in advance
I know I asked earlier on in the closed season, but I was hoping for more detailed answers now you've made some signings and have a better idea of the squad etc.
What was the story of your season last year? Highs and lows…
Who’s your best player, ones to watch etc?
How do you think you’ll do against us next season?
How will you do overall next season?
Highs.... Charlie & Co failing despite the "massive budget/huge club" syndrome.
Lows..... Salmon Pink Chino`s.
Best player... Gavin "Keep it in your trousers" Whyte.
Against you.... 1 win, 1 draw...not saying who will win though.
Overall..... We`ll finish somewhere between Top & Bottom.

The futures bright,the future is yellow but the future is always uncertain! ? ?
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