Premier Global Sports Management Ltd tweet


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Absolute BS!

"After being contacted for an explanation, the Oxford Mail received the following reply: “This tweet was posted by complete mistake as our company has a new member of staff who will be solely dealing with the social media side of our company and was today experiencing the company Twitter account to learn all the tasks needed of him when he pressed the post button instead of deleting the text."


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could a non luddite link ... or drag n drop the relevant info from PEP has Gone! thread over? 10-13 ish ?

Jack Midson

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I'd suggest Premier Global Sports Management up their recruitment criteria if the 'young lads' they are bringing in don't know the difference between posting and deleting. Not only that, why did they write the message in the first place if they weren't going to post it?


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Oh dear, it's all getting very unprofessional again. I see many have tweets the Oxford Mail and the club. Let's see what happens.
If u thought the apprentice was bad then take a look at at tonight tweets.

Here’s a link to one, go back to their account from it and click tweet and replies and read the others.

Reminding urself that this is a professional management company and agent

Nothing professional in those tweets tonight. They won't make it easy to work with us in future - and that could be to the detriment of their clients. Idiots.
Considering the agent instigated all this with his pathetic initial tweet after Clotet’s dismissal, it really highlights what an unprofessional, immature outfit they are.

If I was a player I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.


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Is this all down to us sacking Clotet?
apparently Clotet departing was the catalyst,..... link to that initial tweet from that oh so professional agent/ sports management Premier Global Sports Management Ltd, and the porkies they tried telling to Oxford Mail .....

which was, it turns out, the start of him/them(?) embarking on a series of heated tweet exchanges

hmmm I wonder if FA, EFL, PL etc are aware an agent registered with all of them is acting in such a provocative and confrontation manner

Even weirder is that PGSML represent a certain current OUFC player, James Roberts, they are being seriously disrespectful to both Oxford United football club, and ALL Oxford United supporters on social media, which is very much in the public domain