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Pre-season v Leeds United


Leeds United Fan
12 May 2018
Rumors are adrift that that Oxford will Play Leeds at the Kassam on the 21st July if anyone can confirm.
Is this another condition of the Roofe sale?

At least Oxford is less controversial Myanmar I guess.
Maybe linked to Roofe sale but would be good if it does happen.
Perhaps Pep will be in charge for that one, and play Roofe in goal
A Leeds supporting acquaintance of mine has told me this game is definitely on. Though they're also sending a team to Osset Town the same day
if the Leeds fans would kindly bring their "construction" skills this time as we only have 3 sides now.

Big rumour the tv companies are avoiding the game as their cameramen are none too keen for some reason !

What a day that was! That poor old camera man was going through nappies faster than a newborn baby ?
Anyone else ever played at Bladon and spent most of their time avoiding sheep 5h1t?

I played at Bladon for 3 seasons and we never had Sheep s**t on the pitch. It was a great pitch as we never had a game called off.
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