Pre-season tours

Are pre-season tours any good?

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5 Dec 2017
Are they actually any good? We come into the season looking unfit, lightweight and not united. The opposite of what they are designed to do.

To me, they are a waste of money.

Bristol Rovers also went abroad and sit just above us.
They worked well under Mapple? If the players look unfit, lightweight and not united then the spotlight needs to be shone on the coaching, fitness and recruitment guys and, ultimately, the manager.
I can't see any happening in the near future with KR in charge. He's not particularly keen on flying I believe
Yeah they worked under MApp, but we were on the up.

The USA tours just seemed to tire us out.
In theory, a trip to Ireland is more sensible than a trip to the USA etc - the weather conditions, pitches etc are more similar and there's less traveling. However, I'm not convinced about 3 games in 3 days on a tour, then two games in a day when we got back, plus four or five other PSFs (and training before the MK match to deliberately tire the team out if people on here are to be believed) is right.
I think it depends what it’s being used for. For fitness/game experience I think it’s pretty pointless. For building an ethic/gelling a team and liaising with fans I think it’s very good.

I think the reason (even Appleton wrote about it recently) for some of our success was the tours where the players interacted and engaged with the fans. The whole Together/Believe thing can feel a bit cliche at times but seeing the desire of the fans and realising a purpose etc. can have a positive impact.

I’ve not been able to make the first two games but comments on here suggest that there is a lack of interest or desire from some players already?

So yeah it is beneficial if done for the right reasons. The Wilder/KT business trips to US to play on plastic pitches... no
I would rather they worked hard behind the scenes than some pointless games somewhere!
Pre season tours, there was only one of any worth, and that's where it started...
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