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Home Match Day Thread Pre Match rituals and Superstitions?


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6 Dec 2017
Most football supporters/ fans who go and watch their team play live have various foibles, rituals and even superstitions that they prefer to observe before matches. Especially home matches.

From the proverbial lucky underpants to all sorts of weird n wonderful rituals

In recent (post Priory) times, mine has evolved into ideally, parking up in the same place 2 and a half hours before kick off, having a couple of beers in the 'bird ( pre - match buffet in there being a bonus ;)) along with a few ciggies and a bit of a chat with fellow U's fans, around half 2, 7.15 on night games, strolling to the breeze block and going into the icy morgue about 5 mins before kick off.

Working away means often I arrive in gods country later, much later than hoped, which means parking where I can, missing pre match beer, ciggys n chat, instead going straight into the refrigerated 3 sided, soulless, breeze block.

My pre-match habits have evolved over the years, from the early 60s until current times. Black boy (old Headington ) in the 70s, selected pubs in town in the 80s, Butchers arms (Headington ) and the old supporters club outside the London road end turnstiles in the 90s, then, the Priory after moving to the breeze block....after its closure, tried out several hostelries before settling on the 'Bird

Most football supporters have pre-match superstitions, rituals and 'must-dos' to lesser and greater degrees depending on the individual

anyone care to share theirs?
Park on the roadside parking about 12.15, walk up to the new Sports bar, watch whichever game is on the big screen, wander to the East Stand at about 2.20, have a mingle in the Concourse, walk up to my seat about 5mins before KO lol
My personal preference is visiting a fans forum at an ungodly hour on a public holiday...
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