Potential New Ground


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9 May 2018
Took 40 years to get the shithole ka$$tad so i wont be holding my breath.....Bicester is the best bet...maybe incorporated into the waterpark idea???


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9 Dec 2017
I'm not do sure those figures are accurate.£10k a week is £3.5m a year which is more than we're losing without all of the additional revenue streams their stadium provides, and I'd be amazed if their playing budget is as high as ours. And they'll pick up around £500k for the Liverpool game alone which wouldn't have been budgeted for, so things could be a hell of a lot worse!!
Took 40 years to get the shithole ka$$tad so i wont be holding my breath.....Bicester is the best bet...maybe incorporated into the waterpark idea???
I’m not going to shitty Bicester and I hate water parks, whatever they are!


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6 Dec 2017
Green belt issues were sorted long time ago. OCC commissioned a study to look at the viability and potential harm to other green belt sites of releasing some areas to development. This was in line with central government policy to alleviate housing shortages and to facilitate outdoor sports.

That policy identified various sites as being open to consideration. My favourite of those sites is the Old Marston area. Just over 58 hectares of land. (there is a sub section of 17 Ha around Hill View Farm but I suspect that there may be some opposition from the current inhabitant!)
The best plot of all has already been given the go ahead. This is the, so called, Northern Gateway. Sadly, this development has already been scaled back by the developers themselves. I say sadly, because in its original design it would have been a fantastic fit for housing, shops, offices, entertainment and stadium. There was even an artists mock up of an entrance to a large venue from a street level.
Another site which might have been considered, although not the best, is at Wolvercote. The old paper mill is now ready to start with planning passed and good to go. This is an area within green belt protection.

I've posted this before but, just to bring to people's attention again, here is the link:
2017 Green Belt study
Wolvercote would be a no go the infrastructure couldn’t accommodate thousands of fans. northern gateway would have been a possibility but would we have owned the ground and leisure and hotel facilities as I’m sure that would have included rental from the developers of the Northern gateway Old Marston would be interesting but that would cause a lot of issues with the locals and getting the planning permission and that will be hard for wherever we want to build.


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30 Dec 2017
build in the centre of the city but make it look like an old university building from the outside. simples
I have the same vision sir what other ground in the world would conpare to that even if it was 15000 capacity
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