Positive (?) recentish Parallels?


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6 Dec 2017
MApp's first season .... I can remember going to an away game on a really cold Tuesday night to watch the mighty U's at Accrington Stanley.... at the time 'Stanley were on a losing run of , I think, 5 games. It was a scrappy, non-descript affair on a poor playing surface. Young U's prospect, at the time, James Robert's came off the bench in the second half, made space for himself part way into the second half, his shot on goal on the vast majority of L2 surfaces, even in Feb, would've hit the back of the net, on 'Stanley's slowly freezing mud slick it clipped a divot and spun over the bar. As the end of the match approached 75-80 mins played both MApp and Faz were physically and verbally gesturing, instructing for ALL our players to drop back deep. Inevitably in time added on 'Stanley nicked it with a last gasp winner, that probably involved a foul on Clarkey in a frantic goal mouth scramble. At that point any faith I had in Eales, Ashton and MApp (&co) reached beyond its lowest ebb for me.
Towards the end of that season on field results and performances began to improve, a notable turning point being away to (today's opponents...ironically) Bury. At the time they were riding high in L2, I think they were promoted that season too, went to Bury not really expecting anything from the match, yet we ended up winning either 3-0 or 3-1, turning the then current form book on its head. I still hadnt thawed my perspective of the management both on and off the field at that point, that began to change after Tranmere away a few away games later, where we ended up winning ...and sending the woollybacks out of the football league. The rich vein of form at the end of that season continued into the next, coupla good cup runs - in cup competitions that mattered, plus a Wembley final in a competition that doesn't really matter. Promotion was won the following season, a few more decent results and performances in cup competitions that mattered , and another Wembley final in the 'Harvey boycott trophy.

Can Clotet deliver a similar turnaround? Perhaps
WILL Clotet deliver a similar turnaround? Possibly
Do I think he's capable of delivering a similar turnaround? I hope so
Will I continue to support my team despite current (lack of ) form? Of course
Am I happy with how things are both on and off the field currently? Nope

Clock is ticking on Clotet's tenure, I think the next 4 or 5 LEAGUE matches will be very crucial to defining the short and possible medium term future of Clotet at OUFC
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