Pompey Role Call

Right, who's going to Pompey, normally one of the best supported away games. Over the last couple of years we have taken in excess of 2,000. With a new manager in place, hopefully, and yesterdays result taking the pressure of slightly, there is no reason that we cannot get a result there.

We always seem to do well there recently, and they are not the greatest at home, especially as soon as the home fans start getting on their backs.


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Unfortunately not, I’m going to be an armchair fan and watch it on Sky instead. Already bought a day pass on eBay for a whopping £2.20 ready for the game. Looking forward to it - I’m sure our traveling fans will create a lot of noise.


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Myself and 6 others are making the trip. 8.50 something train from Oxford, spot of lunch and some craft beer before seeing us smash pompey 4-1.


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Beat me to it Mr C.

Meanwhile does everyone realise that there are no trains at all next Sunday. There are just replacement coach services from Eastleigh and Southampton Central. Journey time on either coach to Fratton is listed at 1 hour plus. Coming back you may as well walk.
If travelling from Oxford, go via Basingstoke and Woking instead. avoids the engineering work.
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