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Match Buildup Pompey Away 'All Ticket'


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6 Dec 2017
Ows announcement .....

Easy run down the A3 for the 'Loungers so we'll be on line Friday to get two tickets. I wonder how many they will allocate to us this season?
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I have been led to believe that we squeezed 3000 in the Milton end that fine sunny day, as a block of 500 tickets was duplicated and sold twice. I was sat in the North Stand at Fratton that day and it was a sight to behold. It was rammed.

I think that was probably one of the best away days in my time supporting United.

Proper ground, proper fans, great weather, decent beer, great day out on the chuff chuff with a lot of friends.... and a storming win.

Beats a cold Tuesday night in Accrington...... ? :cool:
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