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They may do a 'Barnsley'

Having said that they were very poor at our place and we should have beaten them. Rovers were far better.
This sounds like the Sunday morning football shout of “these lot are rubbish” just as they score a 7th goal after 35 mins.

I haven’t seen Plymouth this season but they aren’t clearly a decent side to go on the run they are.

Jack Midson

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Good luck to them. Proper club and I remember their fans were very gracious when we beat them a couple of times in recent years.

And I've got a bet on them to finish in the top 6.

Colin B

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I agree with PRB.

On the evidence of last weeks game, they are a bang average side, nothing special at all. The fact that they have gone on such a run illustrates how poor League One is this year, and it is frustrating they we have missed a great opportunity to challenge for promotion by being such a shambles this season.
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