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7 Dec 2017
Plymouth surely are the team of the season....rock bottom when we beat them in the playoffs.. respect to them
They may do a 'Barnsley'

Having said that they were very poor at our place and we should have beaten them. Rovers were far better.
Taylor will be in the Champions League in a couple of years.
This sounds like the Sunday morning football shout of “these lot are rubbish” just as they score a 7th goal after 35 mins.

I haven’t seen Plymouth this season but they aren’t clearly a decent side to go on the run they are.
Good luck to them. Proper club and I remember their fans were very gracious when we beat them a couple of times in recent years.

And I've got a bet on them to finish in the top 6.
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I agree with PRB.

On the evidence of last weeks game, they are a bang average side, nothing special at all. The fact that they have gone on such a run illustrates how poor League One is this year, and it is frustrating they we have missed a great opportunity to challenge for promotion by being such a shambles this season.
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