Playing for the manager.


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15 Dec 2017
When KR left Charlton,it was stated that lack of (promised) investment,uncertainty over a takeover,losing to Oxford twice (joke) all contributed to him leaving.
His last 9 games, Charlton had 1 win (the ninth last game) 3 draws 5 defeats,9 games 6 points,dropping like a stone.
9 games since Lee Bowyer took over, 6 wins 1 draw 2 defeats(including win at Blackburn) 19 points,odds on for the play offs.

Now as far as i know,no investment,no takeover,no new players.
So do you question the players ?
Or is Bowyer just better at getting the best out of them.

Because if it's a case of the players not playing for the manager.

Then you would have to ask the same of the Oxford players since Pep left and KR came in.

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