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Conference play off final today


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6 Dec 2017
AFC Fylde v Salford at Wembley

Lim 'forgot' to purchase any supporters to take with him, after buying Salford a place in the playoff final!

it must be lowest attendance at Wembley for a play off final. Ever?
It's being played behind closed doors isn't it?
more celebs & freebies there today, than paying supporters!
both AFC Fylde and Salford average gates of around 1000 each...doesnt appear that even they have bothered?
I don’t see the issue with Salford as a club. The owners have provided excellent facilities for the local community in what is/was a fairly run down part of Manchester. They have also picked a club from an area close to their hearts rather than picking just any old club.
70 mins in.... Salford city 3-0 up

guess Harvey will be happy in 20 mins then?
Salford are paying stupid wages, that Rooney guy they got from Aberdeen, they are allegedly paying £5k ish per week. This does nothing to help clubs who are trying to run their clubs on a sound financial basis. This policy only inflates wages across the whole football pyramid.
They have purely bought their success. At June 2018 they had losses of £2.3m and that was in the league below the conference.
I fully agree with A Holt of Accrington who had a twitter rant at G Neville for financial recklessness.
Sorry, they may think they are helping the local community but they are destroying football with their financial policies.
Salford took approx 5000 supporters to Wembley ... how many paid and how many were freebies ?

all over ....Salford have purchased won their EFL place
Salford took approx 5000 supporters to Wembley ... how many paid and how many were freebies ?

all over ....Salford have purchased won their EFL place

And how many were Manure fans having a jolly with their mates?
The love in for Salford and the ‘class of 92’ next season is going to be unbearable.

Yep. It will be the romantic fairytale B*****s like Forest Green except X 1000 worse when it is absolutely anything but that (ie. £2.3m loss to get out of the NL North and considering Rory Gaffney, Matt Green, Adam Rooney have signed this season, then that will be dwarfed).
Have a horrible feeling Salford are on their way to the lower Championship, forever to bob along without meaning or purpose. An inconvenient game for all who play them.

Crawley 2.0.
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They’ll have that exciting derby game against Oldham next season too
Would much rather have an ex FL club back, proper clubs who have fan bases.

Is their any point in playing these games at Wembley unless it involves a club with a fan base? Just have a couple of places provisionally booked and pick the most geographically suitable one if non league clubs like Salford, Fylde or Wycombe are in it.
Haven’t Sunderland claimed to have the best fans....must all be on holiday for their first leg then as there are so many empty seats.
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