Peter Wyngarde RIP


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Alias Jason King (older viewers will know) has passed away aged 90. Pioneer of the handlebar moustache so many copied in the 1970s


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the advert for Tabac aftershave with the voice over " Peter Wyngarde smells ............ great! He uses Tabac aftershave" spoofing his Jason King character was rather amusing back in the 70s ..... sadly, cant find a tyoutube clip, so heres a bottle of Tabac aftershave instead ... RIP

Colin B

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He used to have a house in Sutton Courtenay, opposite the Swan pub.

One evening in the early seventies, I got pissed (as a young underage drinker) and bashed on his door, shouting something along the lines of "Come out Jason King, I know you're in there" whilst doing kung-fu moves.

He didn't answer.........................


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You mean, he was a gay man in the unforgiving 70's along with his lover Alan Bates, of 10 years, who in todays's society would have been accepted? If you're going to quote dubious headlines at least do your homework.
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