Paul Moody


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7 Dec 2017
I may have missed this but I came across a crowd funding page raising money for Paul Moody. Says he is having a tough time, anyone know what has happened?
Not aware of that, but he's been incredibly supportive of the club and fans over the years, so I'm sure if he needs help we will all pitch in for him.

Top bloke and a real gent.
Hope the big fella is Ok. Top man is Paul, always had time to chat.
Best someone actually checks this out as genuine as it's a bit vague to say the least - last I heard him and his missus had a health spa (or something) they were running together (in Bristol I think?). Wishing the best for Mr Moody - a tank who could conjure the sublime (Cardiff away is one of the best solo goals I have ever seen)
He has posted a link in some OUFC fan groups on Facebook, unless his page has been hacked i think its genuine
Nasty. I'd rather wait to see if this fundraising page exists, and why it exists, rather than make unpleasant comments about a great servant of the club. Wasn't there recently fundraising for Dave Langan? What did you think about that?
Ok if he is not skint and on the beg like what is his reasons for doing this does anyone no? And I donated and purchased Dave Langans book. Langan is was a great servant and still is a great ambassador for the club and his situation warranted the attention he got in the end. If we ever own the Kasssm stadium I would like a stand named after him as he propley deserves it.
As others have said, a top player (and one of my personal favourites - watching highlights back from 1995-96 and the ball just seems to stick to his feet) and a nice guy who deserves a bit of luck.

What would the donation be in aid of? I don't want to be too nosey but it would help me in deciding on pledging - divorce? Medical bills? Assistance with an elderly relative? The JustGiving page seems a bit vague at present.
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