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Matches Palermo Friendly

Yes unusual for Oxford to play a team from abroad, but its something most championship clubs do now. A chance to play against a side we don't know
Probably the done thing as it's near impossible to play a Prem side pre-season now as they're always off abroad.
And why not?

2024-25 could well be a banter season (it seems to be in the boardroom). We may as well enjoy it and facing some rugged Sicilians who have been told to spot fix the game by the Mafia is a great way to start the season off.

I did wonder when someone would mention the mafia, surprised it took this long.
I've done some extensive pre-match research on our opponents (......OK, I went to their Wikipedia page) and I obviously had no idea of their somewhat chequered past. They are in Serie B now, but went out of business as recently as 2019, when a reconstituted version of the club then entered Serie D. Like a few clubs we know, they've had some seriously dubious owners who promised the world and inevitably didn't deliver.
I've been told they made us an offer we couldn't refuse! 😳

Wonder how many they'll bring?
With the new points scheme for away games rewarding those who go to pre-season friendlies, I hope we get a good crowd for this one.

Also I wonder how they will handle the ticketing for this one? ST holders first option for a few days then general sale? Or straight to general sale.

[confession: I don't know if there will be a point scheme or if it credits pre-season friendlies]
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