Oxvox Members Meeting to be held in the function hall at the Masons Arms, Headington Quarry 10th January.

Maurice Earp

Well-known member
6 Dec 2017
OxVox Members Meeting

Wednesday 10th January 2018
Venue: The Masons Arms, 2 Quarry School Place, Headington, Oxford OX3 8LH
Timings: 7.15pm to 9.30pm
Refreshments: Cash bar and free ‘nibbles’!!

Dear member

Firstly ….. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We’re pleased to confirm the details of our meeting scheduled for Wednesday 10th January. Please note that this is a members only meeting, but if you know of any non members who’d like to attend, please do let them know that they can join on the evening.

As previously communicated, the meeting will discuss some of the key things surrounding our club at present and also seek to get your views and thoughts on several of the important ‘hot topics’!

It is hoped we’ll have both Darryl Eales and Niall McWilliams with us on the evening.

We have also invited a number of our local council representatives – but at the time of writing we cannot confirm their attendance.

The outline agenda is a follows:

1. Welcome and introduction(s)

2. OxVox – membership, finance and general updates

3. Information and Q&A - to include:

· Club updates
· Ox-Tales
· Ultras section in the East Stand
· Stadium update
· Marketing and fan engagement
· OxVox AGM plans

4. Any other business

The OxVox committee very much look forward to seeing you on the 10th for what should be an enjoyable evening.

Kind regards

(on behalf of the OxVox Committee)
Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it due to an after Xmas works ‘do’!

Good to see that Darryl is hoping to be there and our part-time MD.

Hope the meeting goes well.
Thanks Maurice/Jem, looks like an interesting meeting, especially if Darryl and new MD attend.
I bet. But in all seriousness it would be good to have him there. “IF” the council are lying/ not presenting facts properly, then he’s the only one that can question it from that time

Totally agree.
A very worrying OxVox development noted on this very site. Do we have a mole in the midst?

Did you know that moles have six fingers, my butler?

I’m beginning to suspect as much. I demand an answer from OxVox immediately via a non-Junk emailed communication.
Fucking hell.
The researchers see a connection between the species-specific formation of the extra thumb in the mole and the peculiar "male" genital apparatus of female moles. In many mole species, the females have masculinized genitals and so-called "ovotestes," i.e. gonads with testicular and ovary tissue instead of normal ovaries.
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