OxVox Meeting - LIVE


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5 Dec 2017

I shall try and post any key discussions in this top post. Signal depending!

A good meeting. Neil and Dan have been fantastic considering they have only been at the the club for a few weeks. Both positive and enthusiastic.

2134 - Close

2016: Q&A's -

Q - Situation on OUFC Women's
A -; decision on 5th Feb

Q - Why were shirts taken away and prices raised for the OX4Life?
A - MD is concious about bad marketing. And needs to look into.

Q - Sarge - Why no emails from club? Why is the Covered Market shop unreliable
A - Understands the lack of communications. MD is visiting Peterborough and Bristol to look at how they do things and take ideas to bring to the club. Will work hard to get it right.

OxVox are looking at murual for back of EastStand. Kassam would allow but no advertising. His corporate guests would get a better view. And Fan create a 4th stand. Kassam recently interested, but made a joke about who gets ticket money.

Q - How have we allowed this to go backwards, has one man changed it?
A - MD doesn't know enough yet, will take back to a meeting. But agrees colour band noise is needed.

Sarge mentioning flag access. No Ultras present tonight. Ultras chose the area due to only 17 ST holders.

Talk on OxTales. A gallery of person's of interest was a big issue to OxVox, so asked the club to tell fans. FSF have been looking into it. Grey area about persons of interest, like when it should be removed, by who etc... MD will take this to Mixter

Q - Sarge - How much dealings with Ian Mixter?
A - MD only met him a few times band sits in pre and post op meetings

Q - Will Kassam do a deal after arbitration?
A - No, possibly a new lease

Q - Mark Sennet - Exeter College own land next to OCC land they are willing to sell land. Would that speed up anything? And how close are legal challenges from finalising
A - Exeter College have not come forward with any plans to sell.
Arbitration business unknown. Both parties say things are "done"

Q - Science Park car parking?
A - they are willing to talk about opening car parks on match day.

Q - Sarge - Priory! Do the council own the Priory + assurances fit for use before hotel. What control doe the council have over Kassam. And now Health and Safety about toilets.
A -Bob - council planners are looking at legal action about the lack of Priory. And will get toilets checked

Kassam has been given land options, in return for selling stadium but his planning team haven't met requirements on 3 occasions and has now stopped talking

Lots of history about meetings with Kassam being talked about. Talks with Kassam breaking down.

Q - Do the club have a plan on where the club will play/be playing moving forward
A - OxVox informing about the stadium feasibility study that took place last year. That Grenoble Rd IS ok. Club can renew stadium at current deal.

Q - Jem: Any news about training Ground
A - Bob Price - new land purchased and land offered to club to make a decision on what they want. Possibly a decision Friday.

1949: Very enthusiastic intro from Dan. Seems very upbeat.
1944: MD intro over, now onto Dan, Academy.
1937: Club know they need to improve marketing + PR + growing next generation, 2 under 30's in attendance tonight.
1934: Club needs infrastructure to stop local talent going elsewhere.
1927: Neil McWilliams, MD is giving an intro. Supported OUFC since moving to the county in 1989.
1926: OxVox aware of email issues and changing the system.
1925: Ian Hudspith arrives to "are the roads bad".
1925: 990 members now. Almost at 1000. £12k in the accounts.
1924: Joke about Ian Hudspith and roads.
1923: Possibly two Ultras here tonight. Dan Harris, new academy head and MD here. Ian Hudspith is en route.
1922: It has started. Jem pleased with the turnout, despite the news about DE not coming.
1918: Bob Price has just arrived.
1909: No sign of Hudspith, but the new MD is here.
1902: filling at at The Masons now.
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Much appreciated.

I won't be able to 'follow live' but this would provide an excellent summary when I get home.
Disappointed that none of the Ultras showed up, although one guy spoke like he was linked to them, but didn't put his hand up on the head count.

Everyone agreed about the benefit of them.
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Maybe, and i'm speaking as someone who knows some of them by sight and mutual acknowledgement of being Oxford fans. That they feel let down by the off pitch management at the club.
Needs to be sorted, would of been great for them to get there point over to the MD, unless they have tried in the past and failed.
So was there anything of real significance that was not already public knowledge that came of tonight's meeting?
Needs to be sorted, would of been great for them to get there point over to the MD, unless they have tried in the past and failed.
i suspect that they feel their efforts to enhance the atmosphere are unwanted. So they're gradually losing interest in putting the time and effort in

That and the way in which they were seemingly bullied when last a meeting was held. Hardly inspires confidence to do so again. It’s why I think our new MD could think about taking this on as a personal project. It would certainly create an immediate and obvious impact which all would see.
So was there anything of real significance that was not already public knowledge that came of tonight's meeting?

From the minutes it appears not. The absence of Eeles more or less killed any rea] news.
From the minutes it appears not. The absence of Eeles more or less killed any rea] news.

Lots of people have been talking about the lack of communication from the club. Two representatives of the club, the MD and the new head of the academy were there and spoke really well about what the club was hoping to do moving forward. Everyone had the chance to ask questions and I and a few others did. I found out what I wanted to know about the stadium and also what the council was doing to aid our situation. The answers weren't sexy and there were no big revelations but sometimes these things need pressing forward none the less. The MD was asked point blank if DE wanted to sell up and he answered as honestly as he could the he thinks he has the best interests of the club at heart and wants to keep the club but progress it. If that meant financial partners then great. It's a shame DE wasn't there but frankly if he is in Europe trying to seal the deal for a good youngster, i'd rather he was doing that. Maybe you guys should have come and asked some questions, I don't think anyone who was there felt it was a waste of time.
As someone who was there, I felt the new academy head came across very well, spoke a lot of sense about taking on the Southampton’s and Readings who for to long have been able to walk into Oxfordshire and take our young talent to there shitty plastic clubs, obviously some of that I have reworded but I was impressed and he seems a good appointment.

The news about the training ground was good as well, seems to be moving forward and the new MD wants to get in with it rather than wait and wait, that’s a positive and the council seem very keen for Oxford to be there.

There was nothing new on the ground if you are a regular on these forums, but that’s because OxVox released the e mail and the two councilman pretty much confirmed it, as great as it would be to get moving with anything it’s still a long way whatever we do.

The main positive I took was that the new academy head seems very professional and clued up, for all the stick you can give Daryl Eales, and I have given him plenty this season, it would be strange of him to appoint such an obviously professional man to such a long term role if he was looking to cash out, when there would be no benefit for him, gave me pause for thought.
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