OxVox Committee Meeting on Friday.


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Hi all

We have an OxVox committee meeting on Friday. Lots to talk about and there's a very full agenda!

Sorry for the late notice, but if you have any burning issues (can't think what they might be?!), please use this thread to pop them down and we'll look to build then into the agenda.




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I think I speak for everyone when I say that the most important issue to be discussed is whether the club shop in the Covered Market could stay open for a hour longer on Saturdays.

Close the thread.
I imagine all the main points are already on the agenda! Investment coming in or takeover on the cards? If so, is that why there appears to be no movement on appointing a manager?


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I would raise the subject of marketing again. Despite the new MD talking about it being a subject he was looking at, nothing appears to have happened.
Went to Rotherham on Tuesday.
“Marketing” was everpresent.
When away fans enter the ground,there is a welcome sign thanking them for travelling “x” miles to the New York Stadium-a nice touch-they also recognise that a happy fan may spend additional money on refreshments etc when inside the ground.
When a substitution is made,the players are shown on a screen and the players sponsors are mentioned.
At half time info’ is shared (via the very,very good tannoy system) about upcoming games and ticket availability and prices.
The stadium is a joy to behold and even made losing more palatable !
Be good to know if the MD has established the position regarding the arbitration of the service charge dispute as he said at the January meeting he would. With this unresolved FK has an excuse to prevaricate on other issues.

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Ka££am does not need any excuses - he will do what he wants! A leopard does not change its spots.

I think he continues to strangle us. The question is when will he inflict that final blow?


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If not already on the agenda....Oxvox maybe making a donation to OUFC ladies JustGiving fund?

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Will OxVox be making a public statement? I.E. We are worried about the state of the club and it's direction, plus the manager situation?
I'm a OxVox member and I'm bloody worried!


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@Sith Lord as I hope all our members would expect, we are talking to Daryl very regularly to get a handle on what is happening and what isn't. We spoke to him late last week, we have been in contact again since. The football club is acutely aware of our concerns and we will continue to express them - they are, as you'd expect, similar to what the majority seem to be also stating.
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