Oxvox committee meeting 5/6/19?


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6 Dec 2017
Hearing there may be an oxvox committee meeting this wed?
Anyone confirm?
Cheers @Shosho ... im not on twitter ....nor are at least 5 other oxvox members that i know of ! Some dont have email or internet access ...be good if oxvox included ALL thier members when sharing members information, imo

Without email etc...does that mean sending a letter?
Without email etc...does that mean sending a letter?

It's a fair point and keeping in touch with members and all fans is important.

We send emails as the main direct comms method to members. That leaves a very small % that don't have email out of the loop. We do postal stuff from time to time to those members (particularly e.g. about meetings etc) and to anyone whose email is bouncing. We also do website, Twitter, Facebook, and this forum to go beyond the trust members.

For incoming comms from fans there are several e-options - Twitter, Facebook, YF, email, contact page on www.oxvox.org.uk - and postally there's the trust address on the website. I guess a phone number for text is about the only option missing?
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