OxVox Club Ownership Statement - 22/02/18


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7 Dec 2017
I have received Oxvox's press release re the takeover of OUFC.

I do understand that the meetings that have taken place may have been commercially sensitive, but assume that now Oxvox will be sharing their views and comments with their members?

I assume that now some of the necessary confidentiality is no longer applicable and it would be very good to hear some additional information?

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Why would a supporters’ group need to facilitate this now? A chairman can surely speak with whom he wishes? Not least his company’s own landlord.
This is Kassam we are taking about.
Totally understandable that OxVox have had to keep this under wraps and will show Tiger that they can be trusted to be confidential for any future developments.

I sometimes wish as a fan I knew what was going on and whether it’s in the club’s best interest.
Oxvox have an almost impossible job. The best they can do is try to influence any new order accordingly, which is why if they had to sign NDAs or not share updates then I think that was the right way forward. I say that as an Oxvox member.

DE was always going to sell to the highest bidder, that was his right but it doesn't make it any more palatable. I don't think anyone on here is not thankful for DE's contribution to our on the pitch success, but the long term sustainability of our club should always be DE / our focus. There is plenty of stuff on-line which scares me about Tiger's involvement with our club, that coupled with his record at Reading surely means there are plenty of questions that need to be asked. DE is still part of the club, so I'm assuming now the takeover has been completed he can speak more freely.

DE publically said that he'd take care of debt accrued on his watch, I appreciate he is still at the club so his 'watch' has not finished. Even so I'd be keen to know if he has taken care of all the debt accrued on his watch / has plans to deal with it so the club are not straddled with it.

As for Tiger, is he investing his own money? Is he the public face of a wealthy consortium? Transparency regarding how he will fund the club to match his ambitions is needed.

I think those are fair enough questions to be asked, and if we don't get answers then that will say a lot.

Anyway now that is off my chest, welcome to the club Tiger! We're all wishing you the best of luck, this is a great club to be part of.
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