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Oxfordshire Over 50 League Cup Final Day


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7 Dec 2017
Just wanted to get the word out about this and hoping some of you will be curious enough to come along and see what it's all about.

We have two Cup Finals taking place at Abingdon Utd FC on Sunday 28th April;

Memorial Cup Final (2pm kick off) - Marlow v Catshill
Challenge Cup Final (4pm kick off) - Droitwich v Hazlemere

Yes i appreciate none of these teams are actually Oxfordshire teams but Hazlemere and Marlow do actually play in the Oxfordshire league as there isn't a local Bucks league and we would only have 5 teams without them. Droitwich used to play in our league until Worcestershire formed its' own league 2 years ago which is where Catshill also play, Worcestershire teams are invited into our Cup to make it a worthwhile competition.

Worth noting that Dean Holdsworth (ex Wimbledon) plays for Droitwich although i can't promise he will be playing in this match.

For anyone that comes along i think you'll be surprised at how competitive these games are, we play 45 minutes each way but have rolling subs otherwise all rules are the same as regular football. The bar will open for the duration so perfect opportunity to have a drink and watch some football in glorious sunshine :)

Additionally if anyone is interested in playing football and is aged 45+ (we allow 3 players 45-49 to play at one time per team) please feel free to get in touch either here or via Social Media; Facebook (Oxfordshire Over 50's Premier League) or Twitter (@OxOver50Premier).

Happy to answer any questions anyone may have too.
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