Oxford U v Nottingham Forest 1978

I can remember all the goals being shown on Central News the following evening. As a 12 year old it was my first experience of a really big game at The Manor. Massive crowd (14,287 iirc) Shilton in goal, European Champions elect and League Cup holders. I remember due to an injury one of the young reserve players (Andy Kingston?) being played in defence. Hughie Curran up front. They had a young unknown striker called Garry Birtles playing that night too. Great memories.
I was only ten at the time and not allowed to go to evening games due to school but
was upset to miss the game. Don’t recall seeing the goals on what was ATV in 1978
(Central TV came about in 1982). Forest destroyed us that night!

Think Hughie Curran packed in it not long after this defeat - had a knee injury.

Gary Watson - a young boy from Abingdon - made his debut that night against Forest.
Ah that was it yes Gary Watson.
Must have been ATV News as you say but definitely remember seeing the goals on the TV. The moat at the London Road end was full of supporters that is what sticks in my mind, never seen the Manor so absolutely packed.
I do remember Hughie fizzing in an early shot when it was still 0-0 that had Shilts scrambling across his goal and thinking blimey we're gonna beat this lot ha ha. Great times.
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