Oxford train station


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7 Dec 2017
Going to be closed for 2 weeks in July!

And I bet the service will see no sign of improving..
July joy for those of us in the confines of the ring road then. ....Headington access roadworks gridlocking summertown, Headington & marston road and other county council on going roadworks inside and on the ring road too will be added to by even more vehicles on the roads.. not helped by bus companies suspending certain services for the duration of the roadworks.... transport planners were it seems bullied at school! .....as we all know they can't co-ordinate roundabout traffic lights to work in sequence, so no hope that any form of common sense or logic is applied to the scheduling of road works & railworks to cause minimum impact on council tax payers & residents of Oxford & surrounding areas, evidently!
Ah, but they say they have done traffic surveys and that it's all done at the quietest time of year. Etc
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