Oxford Senior cup draw today


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Live on Rad ox this avo ...so who do we want in probably the only competition where the U's can win a bit of silverware this season?;)


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U's drawn against City in Oxford senior cup semi final

(Banbury v Kidlington being t'other semi final)

should be played on neutral grounds ...but CPF probably the likely venue for City v United?


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Couple of local derbys then? 😉

We will have to up our game to get result here. If city adopt the in yer face pressure tactics that are our nemesis we will struggle........again.
Huge cup game tomorrow.. I wonder if Tigers picking the team.
7:30pm kick off all proceeds to OFA....I think ......
Its on the rhubarb crumble :). Must win game :) :)


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United: Clayton, Carr, Bryan, Pekalski, Berry-Hargreaves, Carroll, Hopkins, Ashby, Noel-Williams, Heap, Napa

Subs: Baker, Harris, Cowan, Crooks, James

Surprised no Willamson and Brannagan, assume that's because they are both fit enough for Saturday.


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After being deprived of a game this weekend I may go along as a Wimbledon warm up, especially as the youth team appear to have been playing some good football by all accounts.
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