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6 Dec 2017
Admittedly I wont have time to look at this documentary, that investigates what its like for football fans following their team from the other side of the world, for a day or three However it could prove to be interesting, especially to exiles ... heres the link I was sent about it ....

Looks interesting. From my point of view, you can’t be a “proper fan” from afar unless you go full-on child-like hyperfan. I get to maybe one match every year or two, buy some merch, watch games online and waste an hour or two on a bespoke online forum. That’s pretty plastic, but going to the next level would adversely affect most other parts of my life. I suppose I could get together with the other 3 or 4 Us fans in Perth and watch games on the internet late on a Saturday evening, so maybe I’m not a real fan :)
My thoughts on this - and it's a bit of a semantic argument but whatever:

A fan is measured by the amount of time, energy and emotion you put into supporting your team. So you can be a fan in a foreign country if you still live and breathe the club. Follow them online; watch their games when you can; feel happy or sad, elated or angry depending on how the team is doing.......
A supporter is someone who actually shows up at games and roars on the team in person i.e. genuinely helps provide encouragement on the day.

So I used to be a supporter, but then moved to the US and so now am just a fan.......
I think @Ox4Eva should rate all soi-disant supporters before they're allowed to post on here. Then we can see whether or not to value their opinions.
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