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7 Dec 2017
Can't get Saturday out of my head and not going to go into a knee jerk panic.

But I have been thinking about what our expectations should realistically be.

Personally at the start of the season I was hoping we could make the play offs. Now I would be happy with mid table.

I do wonder if our expectations were too high as a support?

We are not a big club, we have VERY limited resources and we know the ground situation and what that means to the club both how it functions and the affects on revenue streams.

I do think there does need to be a fans forum with DE and other in attendance to clear the air.
+ current policy of buying mid 30s (ex) professional football players.
+ potential for Payne to be recalled.
+ Turbulent sale/no sale situation and uncertainty.
+ a seeming lack of interest from our owner.
+ skeleton staffing
+ clotets track record as a manager.
+ clotet seemingly unable to get the best out of the squad.
+ a dwindling pool of assets (players)

I’ll be pleased with mid table but think we’ll be possibly lower half.

Happy Christmas lol
I only have one expectation which is that the players give their all every match. Win, lose or draw I don’t mind if the players gave their best. I don’t see that at the moment and that’s down to the manager.
I only have one expectation which is that the players give their all every match. Win, lose or draw I don’t mind if the players gave their best. I don’t see that at the moment and that’s down to the manager.

Have to agree, I can take a defeat against a better team if I think our lads have gave their all.

No way are some of them doing that and to be honest its also obvious that some of them are clearly not good enough for this level. If we can see that and the manager can't then thats a problem!
It's always difficult when the word 'expectation' is used. People's expectations are very emotive and it's hard to quantify realistic expectations objectively, we all want the moon on a stick. However, nobody would have put Premier League Champions as a realistic achievement for Leicester, so it's all basically irrelevant, all we can ask/hope for is a club that we feel is ambitious and organised, with everybody pulling in the same direction and giving itself the best possible chance of success by maximising it's resources. Can we honestly think that's the case with this club at the moment..?
if as some suggest we have a few 30 somethings who are on their last legs and unlikely to remain why would any takeover be affecting them?

Also whatever the state of the club why is it that when we lose. the chairman gets the flak yet after a win he is hardly mentioned. some hoped we'd nick a play off spot, others expected a mid table finish which is where we're at.

As for expectations it's folly to expect much from a jan window and i cannot see why some pin so much hope on it.

finally as i've said elsewhere after vale the season in terms of attracting new/floating support disappeared but the club have kept the 20.000 on watch having targeted the pointless trophy so they still have their day out to cling too without it seems any marketing to get them to become regulars. Meanwhile the bread and butter support have had to swallow price increases endured exit from the 2 cups to lower league clubs and now a 7-0 thumping at home.
I expect the players (any players, whatever their age) to give 100% for the club every single game. Everything else is secondary...
I expected to see progress. We finished just outside the play offs last season, so I expected play offs at least.

I didn't expect Michael Appleton to leave and be replaced with the calibre of manager we currently have. I didn't expect high quality players to leave and be replaced with inferior players as has happened.

I am very disappointed.
Fully expect that Eels will be invisible, Pep will faff about aimlessly and we'll continue diving into a world of careless ineptitude till it dawns with 5 to go that we're going down.

Please provide a plausible reason why I'm wrong. I've looked everywhere and I can't see one.
Expectations? Not much mate. I want a stable club which owns its own ground, with a board who care about the club - not quite perhaps as much as I do but almost. I want a manager who's half-decent at the job and who gives a sh*t about how we do. I want kids in Oxfordshire to be excited about United and to be proud to wear the shirt. I want a half decent cup run every three or four years. I want one or two good young talented lads to come through every so often and to get their chance in the first team and to do well, and then to get their chance at a big club and for me to be able to say "eh, that one started out at the Oxford y'know". I want to think a good year for Oxford is maybe what, mid-table in the Championship? And that a bad year is still maybe something respectable in the league we're currently in?

Not a lot, really.
my expectations from the football club I support are simple

I EXPECT any player in the first team to give 100% effort

I EXPECT the manager/coach to be capable of putting out a team that will compete against the opposition, and to be able to deal with what ever HIS selected players come up against

I EXPECT the owner of the football club I support to actually give a flyingfuck and to invest in the playing squad

Expectations this season ? a finish somewhere between the relegation places and mid table
Glass-half-empty person - 7-0 is an absolute disaster, and we will be lucky to finish mid-table.

Glass-half-full person (myself included) - 7-0 is a total shambles I grant, but it is still just 3 points lost. Unless we finish level on points with someone, in the grand-scheme of things it's no different to a 1-0 injury-time loss. Let's not forget, we are tenth, and a top-ten finish was my pre-season expectation in light of MApp leaving, and that still remains the case. Don't panic.
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