Our best defence?


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13 Dec 2017
So these past three games we have gone back to conceding sloppy and preventable goals, and defensively we have been a mess. There has to be a reason Robinson is refusing to play in my opinion our best Right back,, who was one of the only bright sparks of the Aug-Oct period and our only comfortable Left centre back in Raglan, who stood out at the back in 16/17. Dickie has been a calamity in the past 3 weeks. Yesterday gave Rovers 3 or 4 chances which Pompey or a Sunderland would have scored.

Would anyone else give this defence a chance against Plymouth?
Norman Nelson Raglan Ruffels

Dickie needs a kick up the a**e and to be dropped to hopefully make him up his game when he returns
Wouldnt mind Norman or Raglan coming into the side but probably not both at once. I would strengthen if possible in jan 1rb& 1lb.

Dont rate hanson anywhere yet but especially not at Rb (no I wasnt at Donny tbf)
Dont want to see garbutt at Lb ever again but maybe try him further forward as he can play a bit.
Whyte and browne cant be easy to play behind dont think they help the fullbacks enough.
Dickie is a young lad who needs experience around him dont think nelson does him any favours.
Im quite willing to defend Dickie following yesterday.

He spent a majority of the time covering Ruffels, being pulled from the centre. I didn't think Nelson started at all well, Dickie was almost a one man defence for the first 30mins. Bristol certainly targeted Ruffels...possibly due to an immobile Browne in front of him, or just seen as the defensive weakness, however Dickie was having to mop up.

I know he made an error for the second goal, however where was the rest of the defence? Freeze the screen as Dickie makes the header and look who is (or isn't!) around him. I think we all realise that Nelson is the CB with pace and ball playing ability, Dickie is stronger in the air (one of the best in the league for aerial challenges won), so leaving Dickie isolated in a 1v1 doesn't seem overly clever from a strategy perspective.
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