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++OUFC V Oldham Athletic 7/4/18 Match Thread++

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3 Jan 2018
We're now just over 24hours away from our biggest game in our biggest week of the season.3pm tomorrow could be the kickstart we need into the Robinson era. I'm not sure why but i feel strangely confident about this game, the one thing that worries me is Eoin Doyle, best goal to minute ratio in the league and is Pitman like which we didn't cope well with 2 weeks ago.

I think we're line up like this
Kane Dickie Mousinho ASB
Henry Ledson Brannagan Rothwell
Obika Thomas

Now one thing i don't want to see is Ledson playing a more advanced role then Brannagan.
Also ASB in there instead of Ricardinho just because of his height,i wouldn't play him but where Oldham are very direct i reckon Karl will put him in to try to stop long balls down the left.

We need to play 2 uptop, we did against Peterborough and it worked force Oldhams CBs to be more cautious.

Also no short corners and don't give away silly free kicks they are our two biggest undoings at the moment. AND get CROSSES in the box we don't score if we don't gamble.

Score prediction for tomorrow is 2-1 Oxford
Brannagan and Thomas. Thomas will get one because it seems like whenever he's got 1 this season he gets 2 or 3 more then goes on a 3 month goal drought.
Thread closed. Just 4 minutes too late to be the real McCoy.
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