OU Walking FC Defibrilator Appeal v Coventry on Saturday


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7 Dec 2017
Hope this is allowed on here. On Saturday before and at half time against Coventry City Oxford United Walking Football Club will be holding a bucket collection to raise funds for a defibrillator which we can have on hand for training and matches we play.. As we have players ranging from 50 to late 70's we are aware of the risks and this could help to save a life.

If you can spare any loose change please consider donating to this cause.

Also, at half time our ladies team will be on the pitch at half time to give a demo, and hopefully get a few more members

Where abouts will you be collecting before the game? Will happily donate :)
We will be around the ground from about 1.15 outside, I assume around tbe pitch or in concourses at ht

Well done all of you!

Especially the chap in the car park who approached us three blooming times despite us having given earlier! Cheeky b****r! :ROFLMAO:
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