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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


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7 Dec 2017
Not doing too bad is he? Also, very impressive Manchester accent. Reminds me of when Houllier picked up a scouse twang.
He has had a very good start and clearly has grasped how to use his key players like Pogba and Rashford and giving them confidence (to both succeed and it doesn't matter if they fail).

The test for Solskjaer will be when they have a couple of stumbles.
Always liked the bloke. He’s a breath of fresh air in the P$.
Always like to see young British managers getting their chance at the biggest clubs.

And with an accent like that, Ole Gunnar probably now counts as almost British. Hope he gets the full-time gig, rather than some big name from the continent.

I can see how Pochettino would be a good appointment.....but from the perspective of PL competitive balance, I hope they don't get him.
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