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6 Dec 2017
John Obika out for the rest of the season damaged his ACL in a friendly on Tuesday
Blimey! ...maybe one of the young assets out on loan will be recalled...if theyre on a 'youth' loan of course?
We have 2 fit strikers, One 20 years old and hasn't even got 30 first team appearances the other 33 and struggles too last most games and keep fit.
Ah well I'm pretty sure KR said we didn't need to worry about strikers as we had plenty of options. Maybe he can ask Ian Wright to come play for us for a while.
With him out of contract in the summer, it sounds like he's probably played his last game for us. Bad news for the player, but on recent performances not the end of the world for the club. Just have to hope now Mackie can stay fit & sharp and Smith starts coming up with the goods.
Won't play for us again, sorry for him as it affects his career.

But he is no loss in a footballing sense!
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Bad news for him, but without being nasty I can’t see us missing him even with our meagre forward options. He just isn’t good enough, be better off with Browne, Whyte or Holmes etc out of position than Obika just standing about.
It would be interesting to know how this injury could occur? From what I’ve seen of him his first touch is so bad the ball isn’t at his feet long enough to get tackled!
Maybe he stood on the ball and went over on it funny?

Shame for his career though and wish him a speedy recovery. Being fair to him he is being asked to do something not really in his game.
Having suffered two ruptured ACLs in my time, I can vouch for the fact that it is a really horrid injury, and one that I'm not convinced it's possible to ever fully recover from.

Hopefully Obika can recover sufficiently in order to find himself a club next season.
As a human being I feel sorry for him that he may be unable to recover and earn a living as a footballer. As far as OUFC concerned we can do better.
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