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6 Dec 2017
.... on fire? And the roof has collapsed ....breaking news at the moment no confirmed details yet

Ive a hunch (!)more details will follow soon?
Quasimodo - esmeralda dyou remember the jacket you bought me ?

Esmeralda - yes it was a smart sports jacket wasnt it?

Quasimodo- thats what i thought, but it appears it was actually a blazer
That's the spire now gone, firefighters not sure they can contain the fire. Looking like the entire building will burn.
I watched the incredible scenes on BBC news. The reporter was stuttering and it was annoying me, so I turned over to Sky news. The reporter was breathing heavily through his nose and it was making a horrible 'whistling' noise, as if he had a huge bogey stuck up there! I turned the noise down and watched in silence.
The wooden roof was replaced in around 1850 or so.
Reports that an avenue of trees was planted at Versaille to eventually replace the structure are false.
Those Medieval stonemasons knew what they were doing, they don`t make things like they used to!!
I heard too that 250000 bees survived the fire. The smoke sends them into temporary unconsciousness then they fly away
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