Next Seasons Kit

I’m sure there will be a few coming on any min to praise the new owner for two very good deals having been sorted.

Judge him on what he does and all that
Puma no doubt better quality clobber and wider range of leisure gear so sales volumes should increase. Singha are a global beer brand so it "looks good". But ultimately, unless we know the financials of the deals compared to the previous arrangements, hard to judge if these are good or bad deals?
Impressed with Singha.

did liontrust sponsor the shirts of the u18's/youth? i remeber last season Newcastle got brought to task for having a betting company logo on the u18's - same for beer i would have guessed?
No, they were blank I believe (without sponsor).

My understanding is that any age restricted products and services cannot appear on youth team shirts if all the team are under 18 at the start of the season. I presume this will extend to retail (junior/infant shirts will be blank as well). Although the club obviously can't do anything about a child who wears adult sizes, so there will still be some fans under 18 wearing clothing advertising alcohol.

Good news and yet we still have last season's tops on sale for £25, knock them down to about £15 and get them punted!

Look forward to the design of the new kits being released.
Wouldn't even bother for £15 now. May as well put that £15 towards the new shirt or t-shirt etc.
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Kit from Germany! we should not be buying anything from those arsholes or any other country in the EEU
I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and presume there's an element of sarcasm in that post. But for the sake of argument, who would you suggest then? Umbro? Or are other non-EU countries fine? Would you accept Nike?


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Wherever the company comes from, the shirts themselves will be made in a sweatshop in Asia with the workers being paid a pittance.
Yep, even the labels are made and attached in back street workshops in third world countries and conditions, by very young kids, who's extended family could eat and live like our middle classes for 6 months for the retail price that is charged for replica shirts.. instead they're 'paid' as @Marked Ox points out,an absolute pittance
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