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30 Jan 2018
[QUOTE="Anyway, given that if Tiger wrote this I am Jaap Stam's uncle, I don't think you can read that much into it either way really.[/QUOTE]

He won't have written it himself but he will definitely have instructed whoever did as to what to say. (Except for the new staff announcements, which are pretty standard.) I'm yet to meet anyone in any business that will let something go out in their name without having first told the author what they want to say and then approving the final copy. And usually pissing about with the copy too much and being a general pain in the a**e. (I speak from painful experience!)

As to his message itself, there's not much there of substance, of course. Nothing that we really want answers to, other than a clear implication that Robinson's going nowhere. But what do we expect? I'd guess about 95% of clubs have owners who are just as cagey about things.

Hackney Jack

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21 Jan 2018
When he’s finally gone I’ll post his brilliant fantasy starting eleven that he made a point of gushing over at the training ground a few months back. But I find it very, very interesting as time goes on listening to him talking about player X, Y and Z while I’m sat there going, “Hang on, you don’t rate him!” or occasionally, “Wait a minute, that’s not the position you claim he’s best suited to, so don’t give me that garbage!”

I made my mind up about the man the day I spent three hours listening to his drivel on his own turf. Forget everything I’d personally been told or seen previously through my time in the football media, almost all of which wasn’t exactly glowing, that afternoon and the subsequent Walsall game a day later made me believe he’s a deluded, daft man. I’ve had some small degree of sympathy for him because I think the club is a shambles behind the scenes, far worse than people even think already, but he gets nothing from me now purely because I don’t see a good manager being tied up and beaten by circumstances. I see a man who actually, bar a couple of decent seasons numerous years ago, has done nothing but underachieve. And while he’s not had much to work with, or certainly not as much as he would have liked, what he’s had he has squandered and wasted.

I was also told by somebody who knows him, who works for a national radio station, that he allegedly considered walking away earlier this season because he’s questioning whether he has the heart for football management presently. We know he only came here because he lives in MK, and he’s never even hidden that himself. So what do we expect when this appears to be just an easy pay cheque less than an hour from home?

I think he will go between now and the start of next season and go into the media for a while, where he will start off by trying to convince the world that he was stitched up and that nobody could have done any better. He may resurface in management down the line, but that’s where his future lies once he disappears from here. And he will, one way or another. In my opinion.
I think this post pretty much sums up where we are at. I've been struggling myself to think/work out what has happened since Tiger then KR have come in - I don't think they know either. We're in a sh!t storm of a situation, and neither Tiger or KR have, in my eyes, the right way of doing things or experience to get us out.

There's no money, bizarre three massive new board members since Tiger came then silence, and we actually know very little about what the PLAN is. And we're seeing the fruition of that.

When asked by Jerome: "why Oxford United", and Tiger replied: "it's a nice City", my heart cracked.


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7 Dec 2017
Not sure where to post this - or if it’s already been mentioned- Patrick Kluivert is the analyst for the Wolves v Newcastle match on sky sports tonight. Might be interesting to see how big a bullet we dodged (if there was any truth to the rumours last year).

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