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Just for context, ten players will be leaving the scholars this summer (Pro deals: Niall Clayton, Matt Berry-Hargreaves, Albie hopkins, Aaron heap, Dejon Noel-Williams // released: Ben Chillcot, Nathan baker, Dan Carr, GRaham Bryan, Rex Mannings)

seven players will be entering their second year: Freddie Niblett, Harry McDonnell, James Cowan, Aaron McREadie, Kyran Lofthouse, Ryan Crooks & owen James (who has already been given a pro deal, but is technically only a 2nd years scholar).

So this will leave a fairly standard sized squad of 16, supplemented by lads from the U16s....

The more interesting detail is the five/six getting pro deals, and rumours of a more structured dev squad returning next season. Add to these Agboola, Baptiste, Napa and perhaps Kelleher, then that is the basis of a team, supplemented by a couple of older fringe players, but I wonder whether we will see the same kind of additions that we did when the Lenagans first set up the Devs (eg Ruffels)?


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I suspect we will see a few signed like Josh Ruffels as KR wants a smaller squad so makes sense that way.
Hope so, it'd be great to see our young prospects come through the ranks and deliver on the promise they've shown, but at first-team level. Its healthy for some of our own to play for their local (E)FL side
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