New kit launch


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I know the new kit is being worn next Sat, but did the club say when it's actually being launched and for sale?


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2018-19 shirt sponsor for Jamie Hanson
With all the stuff about single use plastics and harm they are causing, is 5,000 balloons really a good idea?!

Why not fund some flags or paper etc in conjunction with a display by the Ultras?
Wonder if Mr Mixter has approved the 5000 balloons? If not itll be balloon gate 2 ....and (even) more hot air :sneaky:


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I said from the outset Puma with Carabao (or derivative) on the front...maybe the announcement changes things, surely it's not "exciting news" to end up with Carabao as sponsor? Or maybe the excitement is Puma (in which case, meh!).
Amateur hour off the pitch strikes again!

Maybe the decision has been taken for a host of reasons? Maybe trying to do the job correctly and professionally instead of rushing it, so they can invite more criticism from folk like yourself is one perfectly reasonable explanation. There could be other reasons.........
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