New club badge


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Looks familiar!

Much as I love the simplicity of the current design, from a marketing point of view it’s a no brainer for us to include our name and emphasise the Oxford element. Much better than the badge before last too in that it conveys a message but retains a simple but clear design.

Thumbs up from me.


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It looks good and I can understand the change from a branding/marketing perspective. Looking forward to seeing the new kit too. Wonder what colour our away kit will be next season?!


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Looks good and I hope we keep it as that design for the next few years.

I also hope we get some better merchandise as well. I think Tiger was less that impressed with the current stock.


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I think it's okay. I'd quite like to have the 'ford' part of our name represented in the badge again, but I guess it'll be back one day. Glad to see that Desmond Morris's Minoan Ox seems to be a permanent fixture for us. Ox Mail reckons the stripes are a nod to the old Headington Utd days, but looks more like the Milk Cup kit to me. In summary, I'm fine with it.


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2018-19 shirt sponsor for Jamie Hanson
Classic, iconic Ox's head logo with Oxford United added .... I can live with that :)
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