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Of course, it really doesn't matter how much personal wealth either of these guys have. The important questions are how much of that wealth is in liquid assets (i.e. readily available) and, vitally, how much they are willing to invest in a small-ish tier three football club with no stadium and precious little in assets of its own?

After all, if I've been following the Sunderland story correctly, Sartori is only putting £3 million into them, despite his huge alleged personal wealth, and well-documented wider family wealth.


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Along with personal wealth/disposable income, it is also important to know what else they bring to the table. Tiger himself may not be as independently rich as Sartori for example, but links with Singha and Thai Airlines would be huge for a club like Oxford. Equally, these 2 directors could look to bring in more investment, better day to day control at the club and maybe broker a deal for the a stadium (current or new). This would be more important than simply having a heavy piggy bank or two.
Lets just wait and see. Not much else we can.
And hope that Oxvox have blown the dust off their club recovery plan just in case all this goes horribly wrong.

IMHO the future of OUFC comes down to whether the owner can solve the stadium issue. Anyone know when this arbitration saga is likely to be concluded? Mind, if it does go against FK I suspect he will just look for more ways to make life difficult for the club.


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Question is will ZAKi Mohammad be taking over eavesdropping duties in north stand toilets ?:unsure:

Gary Baldi

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Wiki - Horst Geicke was ranked as the 270th richest German in 2015. Let's hope he's got a few quid lay about still
Seems to be an investor, primarily in South East Asia and lives in Vietnam:

Has been responsible for a DeutscheHaus development in Ho Chi Minh


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It's interesting that Zaki was on the other side of the Reading loan. Is this just Tiger using an old business connection?
Off topic but where is Myles nowadays? I miss his contributions. If he's given up on here I really hope he's debating with a minority shareholder in Chinosland.


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Geicke was a founder of VinaCapital, which is an 18bn Hong Kong investment company that looks very active in Vietnam. He's president of HJG Holdings LLC which seems to be a US company that doesn't report (Bloomberg seems to say). A quick butchers at the relationships of HJG (?) is of potential interest (I'm particularly pleased to see that a man from Del Monte has said 'Yes!').

One specialty appears to be building on government land (reference here and another pne on HongKong that I can't be arsed to link) and "His recipe for success is that he is never the first to venture into difficult markets. He prefers cherry-picking, usually after the first wave of bankruptcies hits a newly industrializing country." (same reference, about the Deustches Haus - which iirc is a f*****g carbuncle in a monster development that's disfigured Saigon mortally.

(Same ref again) The only reason he's not on the Forbes Rich List for HK is that his ex took off with half his assets. Stormy old relationship; in 2009 he was bound-over She may not have been pushed.

All in all, he looks like he'll be a credit to the club and just might be the man to give Firoz a (metaphorical) shoeing.


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Oops, that link makes them look like a weirdo mafia; this is from wikipeadia

  • Ala Amine Nuseibeh the Chief Executive Officer and President of KAN International Petroleum. Also served as an Executive Vice President, Middle East Operations of Son or an Energy Inc. Mr. Nuseibeh has over 20 years of direct oil and gas experience in the Middle East, North Africa and the Caspian Region to Sonoran Energy's Board. Since 2002, he has been Middle East Director or Baron Oil, served as Director of Range Energy Resources Inc. as well as serving as Director of Range Oil & Gas Inc. He served as Director of Range Energy Resources Inc. He served as Director Sonoran Energy Inc. Mr. Ala Amine Nuseibeh graduated from Buckinghamshire College with degrees in Economics and Business Law.
  • Anwar Nusseibeh a former Jordanian minister and diplomat to the UK
  • Bashar Ahmad Nuseibeh (1967–), Professor of Computing at The Open University, UK[8]
  • Ghanem Nuseibeh civil engineer and founder of strategy and management consultancy, Cornerstone Global Associates
  • Hazem Nuseibeh Jordanian foreign minister
  • Isaac Nuseibeh, Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Paralysis at Stoke Mandeville Hospital FRCS, MBCHB, LMSSA, FRCS ed (1936 - ) is a Palestinian refugee from Jerusalem. He became a pioneering senior Consultant in Spinal Injuries and Paralysis at Stoke Mandeville Hospital where he served from 1974–2007. While working at Stoke he was invited by many countries to treat patients and teach doctors. He also lectured at UCL to postgraduates where he was a Director of a special course dedicated to treatment of Paralysis and Rehabilitation and worked extensively with Middle Eastern patients. He was also the Honorary Secretary Of The International Medical Society For Paraplegia and worked with M.A.P. since its establishment and was a Board Member before retiring in 2008
  • Mohammed Zaki Nuseibeh founding chancellor of Alquds University in Jerusalem. He is currently the vice chairman of the Supreme Waqf Council of Jerusalem. He is also the founder of a successful contracting and engineering firm and owns a number of commercial interests including a hotel in the centre of the city.
  • Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, United Arab Emirates Permanent Representation to the United Nations and President of UN Women
  • Sari Nusseibeh, professor of philosophy and president of the Al-Quds University in Jerusalem[9]
  • Zaki Nusseibeh, Director of Information in Abu Dhabi
  • Saker Nusseibeh, CEO of Hermes Fund Managers in London, founder of the 300 Club.[1]
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