My God, I miss The Manor


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Was talking to someone at work yesterday about the majesty of The Manor.

Ramshackle, dilapidated and small but ultimately a place of beauty!

I don’t actually mind the Kassam personally - and would be more than happy were we to ever get that last stand and perhaps some work on the corners - but have a heavy heart when thinking about the Manor. What a ground!


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I get the nostalgia for the Manor (I am sure we all feel it) - but I can't help thinking that if we were still there, we would now be moaning about it endlessly!
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Someone once said that heaven is a single second in time that was your perfect moment - in that case for me it's five to three on a summers afternoon standing on the London Road with the teams coming out. The expectation of what is coming, the noise of the crowd, the smell of burgers and cigars and the roar of the crowd. That would do it for me. Doesn't matter where we play now and where we might end up NOTHING will beat what the Manor was

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