Musical stuff in Oxford during COVID


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7 Dec 2017
Great post below from the very wonderful Conan at Nightshift magazine, documenting all the local music that is still happening virtually.

Good news (crap timing) that the equally wonderful Big Scary Monsters label are opening a record shop/bar on the Cowley Rd. in November.

Personally, I can recommend the Ghosts in the Photograph gig tonight, if you like heavy, musically complex instrumental stuff (I do).

Lastly, he opens the post with the following, which made me chortle:

After their Wembley heartache in July Oxford finally makes it to Tier 2 from midnight tonight, which means it will be illegal to feed a hungry child outside of term time and gatherings of six or more are not allowed unless it’s to line each other’s pockets or kill wildlife, so behave yourselves.

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